Our Services

Electrical & Mechanical Installations

We handle massive electrical and mechanical installations which robust sophisticated scenarios and this has endeared us to high profile clients in different parts of Nigeria.

  • Installation of Low and medium voltage Switchgears inclusive of Schneider Electric SM6, GenioEvo, MC set, RMU with motorized option, ABB UniGear & Unisec , Ulosoy, Elimsan, etc
  • Installation of Power Transformers – 11/0.4kV, 33/0.4kV, 33/11kV, 330/132/33kv etc, complete with their ancillary equipment like Marshalling box and cooling fans etc.
  • Installation of Gas Generators(Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation)
  • Installation of Boilers(Diesel or Gas fired and Waste Heat Recovery type)
  • Solar Power system installation
  • Cable management
  • Installation of Fire Detection, Protection and Fighting equipment
  • Pipe fittings and welding

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