The Company


Uniquely transform premier infrastructures before functional metrics. Completely mesh sustainable leadership for economically sound sources.

SUNRIA LIMITED is an integrated engineering service provider and original electrical product dealer. We are a team of highly skilled professionals with many years of hands-on experience. We specialize in Design, Installation and Commissioning of Electrical, Instrumentation &mechanical engineering projects.

Our product sales division is a market leader in sale of electrical products in Nigeria. We serve three main end markets: Industrial, Commercial and Residential.

Our trade counter is convenient and well stocked with delivery vans to provide frequent and reliable delivery of products to your chosen destination.

Our company is committed to maintaining a comprehensive stock profile from leading OEM in the world.


SUNRIA is able to leverage economies of scale to negotiate the best price.

With our global buying power, SUNRIA is able to leverage economies of scale to negotiate the best price with suppliers, passing on these savings to customers in the form of competitive pricing and outstanding value for money. In order to effectively service all types of sales enquiries, we have technically experienced staff to listen to your enquiry and source both standard and specialised requirements without delay.